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123 Reg - data admin

Database Properties

The properties of a database are displayed on the Properties page, available from the left-side navigation menu. Several read-only properties are displayed:




The name of the database


The status of the database


The SQL Server role or SQL Server user that owns the database

Date created

The date and time when the database was created


The size (in megabytes) of the database file

Space available

The space available in the database file

Number of users

The number of users in the database

You can also specify the expansion space allocated for the backend database file and transaction log associated with the selected database. The file name, location, and filegroup are chosen for you by the Web Data Administrator. The "Automatically grow file" option specifies that data files automatically increase in size by the amount indicated in the following options.

In megabytes

Specify the number of megabytes by which to grow the data files.

In percent

Specify the percentage by which you want the data files to grow automatically.

Unrestricted file growth

Specify that the data file growth will be unrestricted.

Restrict file growth (MB)

Specify the size in megabytes to which a restricted data file can grow.

When "Automatically grow file" is not selected, the database file or transaction log will not grow automatically and will remain a fixed sized (see read-only properties above).