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123 Reg - data admin


To query a database or table, select the "query" link on either the Databases or Tables page. The Query page displays a large text area in which to enter your query (using TSQL syntax). To execute your query, press the "Execute" button. When selecting data, results are displayed in grid-format at the bottom of the page (multiple selects display multiple grids). You can choose whether to wrap grid cell contents in results using the checkbox on this page.

Saving a query

Click the "Save query" button to save the text of the query to a file. Be sure to use the .sql extension when saving this file (place the filename in double quotes, for example "myQuery.sql").

Loading a query

You may reload a previously saved query by typing the path to the .sql file in the "Load Query" textbox (or Browse for the file instead) and clicking the "Load query" button.